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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Want to Help Israel?

I downloaded this. You might also want to.

You are invited to join Giyus.org and help Israel win the public
opinion front on the Internet.

Here's how it works:
1. Download and install Megaphone desktop tool
2. Receive desktop alerts about key articles and surveys
3. Click alerts to easily voice your opinion

You can help even more by reporting relevant articles or surveys you find to

The service is completely free and anonymous.
To join just click the link below (or alternatively copy it to your

Monday, August 21, 2006

Tuesday's Show: Why Our Leaders Make Dangerous Policies

...It's Not Because They're Stupid.

Dr. Eugene Narrett, author of "Gathered against Jerusalem: Essays on a False Peace;' "Israel Awakened: a Chronicle of the Oslo War" and his new book, "Israel and the Endtimes" joins Tamar and explains how the world is being 'Globalized' under a One World Government, and if Israel wants to be counted among the Nations, she has to play ball their way.

Could this be why our leaders, no matter from the right wing or left wing, always follow the same dangerous polices of "land for peace", and follow the whims of the 'Big Boys' in the international community? What is more important, a Jewish State that will ultimately dwell alone, but fulfil her role as a light unto the nations? Or will she choose to be a castrated Israel, removed from her Jewish values, but part of the big world club? Check out Dr. Narrett's Website: http://israelendtimes.com/

Squeezing Israel to a Pulp?

Olmert downsizing Israel to almost nothing?
Alright, here's another petition you can sign your name to, and voice your disgust. Sheesh, I can't believe these guys are paid salaries by our taxes.

Petition Olmert to drop Withdrawal plans
( http://www.nomoreexpulsions.com/) After a year of disaster since Disengagement, PM Olmert has repeatedly stated his intention to carry out another expulsion in Yehuda and Shomron (West Bank). He has said this on July 10 after Shalit was kidnapped by terrorists from Gaza and again on August 3 in the middle of the war on Hezbollah. However, because of his failure to disarm Hezbollah and rescue the soldiers by bowing to world pressure, Olmert may have to drop the plan in order to not appear weak. Haaretz reported on Wednesday, August 16 that Kadima is considering doing exactly that ( Senior Kadima sources: We need new focus in place of West Bank withdrawal plan ). On the same day it was reported that a government committee released a report that said if the plan is carried out Israel will have no solution to stop terrorist missiles. Now, more than ever, is the time to say put this plan to rest once and for all! Sign the petition against the plan online at http://www.nomoreexpulsions.com/. Forward it to as many people as possible!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Re-Building Northern Israel - Hello United Nations???

Not that I have any faith or expectations from the United Nations re: Israel, BUT...

"A Call to the UN to Provide Reparations To Israel Too for the hezbollah War"

Please consider signing this petiton to press for fairness from the U.N. to re-build Israel, if they are going to rebuild Lebanon, they need to be balanced and re-build Israel as well. Want to join the voices around the world calling for fairness? You only have to write your name and email, no other personal information is needed. Please click here, or paste the address below in a new browser window. It's easy!


Thursday, August 17, 2006

War Diary 5 -oops -It's a Cease-Fire

Well, I was interviewed on the BBC the other night. I was surprised they contacted me, as I didn't know they knew about my radio program. Perhaps a listener from Britain told them to interview me on the situation in Israel? In any case, knowing how they can be pretty slanted in their reporting on Israel, I got ready for the interview, trying to find some 'love in my heart' for those who don't have much of it for us. I wanted to go LIVE, but they wanted to be able to edit what I said and I knew that was pretty dangerous. After the interview, a few hours later the interview was aired and uploaded to their web site. I think it turned out alright. If I can find a way to post the interview here, I will. Check back in a few days.

The atmosphere here in Israel is a bit antsy now. People don't hold much hope for this cease-fire. We pretty much expect another war within the next year, with the Hizbullah attacking us once again. We see this cease-fire simply as the Hizzbullah re-grouping and re-arming. One of the interviews on the BBC right before mine was with one of the heads of the UNIFIL, General Alain Pellegrini. He was asked how the UNIFIL troops would stop the Hizzbullah from opening an attack on Israel from southern Lebanon where they are stationed. His reply was that they would call upon both sides and BEG them to stop. He said that the UNIFIL was not strong enough to intervene and stop the violence. Well, there goes any confidence with any foreign troops! -- not that anyone is surprised.

Now comes the fights in the government to point fingers at everyone else as to avoid the blame themselves. This is the fun time if you are a news watcher. We see all the 'talking heads' blah blah blah-ing away on who is responsible and why. We are seeing a few scandals coming out now, like Chaim Ramon, being accused of improper behavior with some female worker, and then there is the newest scandal of our Army's Chief of Staff, Dan Chalutz running to sell his stocks a few hours before we went to war. ---Maybe not illegal, but definitely not in good taste. i wonder if the BIG BOYS let this info out to steer away any finger pointing at the inept leadership of PM Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz???? Good entertainment, and sometimes I make pop corn and watch and laugh.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

HERO: Major Roi Klein z"l (of blessed memory)

He yelled,
as he threw himself on the grenade to protect his fellow soldiers, before he died.

I received this in my email, though I heard this story before. I thought I would share this with you. Please feel free to tell this story to others.

We are forwarding this translation of a Hebrew e-mail at the
request of friends of the late Major Roi Klein:
On Major Roi Klein (zl)of blessed memory)

The little that we can do for somebody who sacrificed his life in
such a heroic way is to tell his story. It is not clear why the media
ignored this story. Maybe his altruistic behaviour is unpopular or
maybe it does not fit with the image of the suffering, sensitive and
fearful soldier that some Israeli media are trying to nurture.
Last week, Major Roi Klein (z"l), lieutenant commander of Regiment
51 in the Golani Brigade, from Eli was the highest-ranking officer
among his troops at the time in the Lebanese town of Bint AlJubeil. In
the midst of a battle he noticed that Hizballah terrorists have lobbed
a grenade thatlanded close to his soldiers. Since the detonation of
the grenade was imminent. He leaped and blocked most of the
fragmentation from the grenade with his body, thereby saving his
troops. His soldiers said that he cried "Shma Israel" when he jumped
to block the grenade.

Roi Klein was buried on the day of his 31st? birthday.
He was a gifted Saxophone player and a brilliant academic that
completed his engineering studies with high honours. He traveled with
friends in Africa and had a rolling laughter. All of his friends
describe him as a gentle and relaxed soul. His widow's wish is that his
children would resemble their father when they grow up.

May his memory be blessed. Please do a good deed in honor of this hero,
Major Roi Klein, and his family who survives him.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Do It For A Soldier !

Turning Pain into Something Positive
Quick post which I shall update later. ...
re: my show from today, Monday, Aug. 14 (Sunday night midnight Eastern)...

Here is a list of some of the soldiers who were killed in this war, that you can choose from to do something in their honor. These boys will never be able to do 'mitzvahs' again. But we can do some for them. This is what is called 'ahavat yisrael' - loving one's fellow Jew. PLEASE, take on one small specific 'good deed' or mitzvah (commandment) in the name of one of these soldiers. If you like, leave me a message here of that you decided to do, and which soldier you'd like to do it for. Let's turn some of these tragedies into something positive for this world. In their memories. When doing this good deed, mentally or physically say, "I am doing this mitzvah in the 'zechut' - in the honor of- (add name of soldier) . By doing this, we are elevating this world, tipping the cales in our favor, and using evil in this world, to amke us all better.
G-d bless you! Hope to see a lot of comments below with your small commitment that you will take on, as well as the soldier you chose.


Monday, August 07, 2006

Na na na na na, Nasrallah

Israeli Spoof Song on Nasrallah

You may have to click on a 'confirm' button to hear and see the video for this song.
Or, click here for just the audio: http://www.nasralla.co.il/

The lyrics are already translated into English on the video.
Click here for the original hebrew lyrics.

For your fun, to sing along, I will attempt to write you a transliteration of only the chorus:

Yallah ya Nasrallah C'mon Nasrallah
Needfoke otcha enshallah We're going to knock you, enshallah (G-d willing)
Nachzeer otcha l'allah We'll return you to 'Allah' (G-d)
eem kol haHizbullah With all the Hizbullah

Yallah ya Nasrallah C'mon Nasrallah
tee-lech m'po ya-zvallah Get out of here you garbage
Nigzar k'var m'li-mallah It's already decreed from above
Sheh zeh ha sof shelcha That this is your end

Also, for a 'YouTube' short video of Katyushas slamming into Haifa,
Click here.

NEXT SHOW: Guest: Barry Chamish
Monday, Aug 7th, 12 midnight eastern time or in Israel: Tuesday Aug. 8th 7am

Hear what he has to say about the Hizbullah-Israeli War and why he thinks the rockets and missiles won't stop coming.

Friday, August 04, 2006

War Diary 4

Photos You Probably Never Saw

The Arabs with much of the world media, want to make the IDF out to be callous and cold blooded killers. Yet THEY aim their missles at our civilians, while we strike only at Hizzbullah terror targets.

Here is the face of our sons and brothers and fathers who have been called away from their lives, to fight up north, to immobilize and root out the Hizzbullah terrorists. This was just emailed to me along with an article which I will not post due to it's length, but I shall post the photos. Enjoy.

Please say a prayer now, that our fathers, brothers and sons return home safely to Israel, in peace and security. Amen

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

War Diary 3

Wednesday: August 2, 2006
8th of Av 5766

It's erev Tisha B'Av ( The Jewish Day where much evil has befallen the Jewish People, and we lost our two Holy Temples.) I can't help but have this eerie feeling that in the next 24 hours, something will get worse on the home front for Israel. But I will ignore this gnawing feeling and concentrate on what has happened in the past, and hope for a better future. This morning I drove into the city with my husband on a mission to purchase items for the Israeli northern families who are today refugees. Many of them ran in their cars to flee the bombs and rockets slamming into their homes. They didn't have time to take things with them.

Our community has absorbed at least twenty families from the north, many with 5 children or more. Last week my husband and I made a visit to where these families are staying. We knew they needed things so we went up with clothes, toaster ovens, even a TV for them to watch the news if they wanted. "Oh", they said. "How nice, thank you. You know, everyone we meet here keeps asking us if we need something, but really, we don't need anything right now. We already were given pots and pans, plus sheets and towels. We really are fine now."A few days later, word came out that the children from the north don't have anything to play with, to keep them busy, except for going to the playground, and it gets hot midday. Then, I got an email that someone wanted to donate some money to purchase things for the refugee children.So, we went to work. After numerous phone calls to cell phones given to me by some of the central people who have already helped these families, I called to ask what they or their kids might need. Phone call after phone call, "No, we really have enough for the moment". And then they told me, "Anyway, we are planning to go back home on Sunday. We think things have quieted down and we plan to leave then." This was the sentiment of the majority of families I spoke with. Somehow, I think they will be here longer. I spoke to them in the morning. ....It is now close to evening time, and since then, over 150 rockets have slammed into the northern communities once again in a barrage of whistling explosions.

The residents of the north are back in the bomb shelters again. It's stuffy and hot down there. But its hotter ouside, with the raining katyushas. Though my sister in law is still not taking us up on our offer to host her and her kids (she is tough), others have found their way to families inside their homes. One is an old army buddy of mine, and he happens to live in the same city as my sister in law, near Haifa. he said, "There is no more of what we knew up there". The cities have absorbed so much impact (The northern city of Tzfat with its quaint cobblestone streets and old city/artists section, has absorbed HUNDREDS of Katyushas. ) Many of the buildings, the gardens, the pasture land with cattle (many cattle hit) have been smashed and demolished. Thousands of families will not have apartments and buisnesses to go back to. They are homeless. More later, for 'War Diary'. Have a meaningful and easy fast.