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Sunday, January 21, 2007

This Was Kind of Amazing!

This Was Kind of Amazing! Sorry, this winter has not been too kind to me, it's the first time I have ever been so sick, with one thing after another. Usually I am pretty healthy (thank G-d).

Anyway, I wanted to post this quickly before I go back to bed, because it has been on my mind and is really quite amazing...I also want to state here that I do NOT take a stand on this video. I don't have enough information to do so, however this 'counting test' is really fast and interesting on a psychological level. It was sent to me by one of my listeners named Eliezer, and this is what he wrote:
To: Tamar"
Misdirection" Watch & Learn
Click here: 9/11 Misdirection <---- Click there.

Keep your eyes on the pea.
Watch the white balls.
Watch the planes & not the towers.

So, please watch this video and place a comment below to let me know what you thought.
Best, Tamar
p.s. No shows this week if I can help it, I need to get some rest.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Arab, The Jew, and The Throne

One of my listeners from England named Bernard sent this photo and text to me below, and I thought I would share it with you. Tamar

To Tamar:

...It shows a bearded Colonel Jacob Goldstein, Chief of Chaplains for New York State’s Army National Guard, sitting on the regal solid gold throne in Iraq exactly in the spot where Saddam Hussein once sat.

Colonel Jacob Goldstein, Chief of Chaplains for New York state's Army National Guard, sits upon Saddam Hussein's throne of pure gold.

Who would've thought... a rabbi sitting in SoDamn Insane's Throne! tee hee hee

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hebrew Songs I like a Lot!

On my show, I will try to play some hebrew music when I can.
Here is one I love named, "K'SHEH 'HaLEV BOCHEH" (When the Heart Cries) or as popularly called, "SHEMA YISRAEL" ( Hear Israel)
and sung by Sarit Hadad.

It is on her album called, 'Sweet Illusions'

Lyrics: http://www.hebrewsongs.com/song-shmaelohai.htm
View the Video.

Singer: Sarit Hadad
Ksheh halev bocheh

rak elokim shome'a

Hake'ev ole mitokh haneshama

Adam nofel lifnei shehu shoke'a

Bitfila ktana chotekh et hadmama

Shma Israel elokai ata hakol yakhol

Natata li et chayay natata li hakol

Be'enai dim'a

halev bokhe besheket

Ukhshe halev shotek

haneshama zo'eket

Shma Israel elokai

akhshav ani levad

Chazek oti elokai

aseh shelo efchad

Hake'ev gadol

ve'ein le'an livro'ach

Ase sheyigamer

ki lo notar bi ko'ach


Thursday, January 11, 2007

VIDEO: End Times Prophecies: "Statue of Liberty"

The ancient and surprising prophecy about the Statue of Liberty in relation with the Messianic era and the End Times (English subtitles).

Click HERE to watch video on larger screen.

Tamar: "This is an interesting video, I don't know what to think really, about this. I'd like to read your comments which you can post below..."

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cool Facts about Israel

Something to Be Proud (and thankful)About!
The slides in this video may go too fast. Just keep pausing the video so you can read all the text. Enjoy, and please share this with others. What did you think of this video? Feel free to leave a comment below.