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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Sunday: July 30, 2006

War Diary 2
It's Not Tit For Tat

Although I have been receiving numerous emails from people praying for Israel and sending us blessings from accross the globe, I've also received a couple of letters 'unsympathetic' to Israel saying that we are like 'nazis' in the way we are fighting the Hizzbullah terrorists in Lebanon. Some of the emails were quite cutting from people who have never even met me. I wonder what goes on in their minds that they feel they can write me, a stranger, such attacking emails. After hurling blame on Israel, they ended their emails with, "You guys just have to learn to sit at the table and work things out, but you can't go bombing a whole country and innocent people. Shame, shame, shame on you!" they wrote. I wonder, did they bother to send this same letter to the Hizzbullah? I think not. How naive and coarse they can be. It's like they have been ignoring the history of the region, where the Jews have constantly stretched our hands out for peace, only to have it sliced off in its attempts. What was Oslo but not a drastic (foolish and deadly as well) attempt to not only sit down at the table with terrorists, but also gave them land, a government, and weapons and training to build a police force (which became a terror army), when all they did was to agree to negotiate and not use violence any more, to further their goals. Israel made all the sacrifices, the terrorists, fed on it and demanded more, and spilled more blood.

Today the naive and sleepy ones are ranting that Israel is the one who does not make attempts at peace, and that it is us destroying a whole country (Lebanon). Never mind the decades of terror (hear the 4 part interview with Brigitte, a Lebanese Arab woman) and threats on the Lebanese people and Lebanese government from the fanatical Moslem terrorists.

The terrorists use the cowardly tactic of using civilians as shields. They store their weapons to kill and then shoot from places like their own mosques at Israel knowing that we respect places of worship and won't shoot back. A few U.N. troops were killed as well this way, with the Hizzbullah firing rockets from UN positions and then leaving the people in the area as the recipients of return fire. Well, this piece came my way and I thought I would post it for you, to show the difference between Israel and these Moslem terrorists in general:

Regarding the claims that Israel is smashing Lebanon indiscriminately, take a look at this map below showing the strategically targeted places that Israel has gone after to destroy the terrorist infrastructure. While the terrorist AIM for our towns and villages to kill as many civilians as possible, Israel has been careful to pin point only what is needed in order to destroy terror bases. Please feel free to pass this piece of information along. I don't know who to give credit to with this map, but it has brought some perspective and clarity to the real picture.

The picture above is a map of Beirut. The blacked-out areas are those that have been bombed by Israel. As you can see, Israel's pin-point bombing is limited and highly targeted and does not represent 'mass destruction' as it is being described in the UN and world press.

At least 1,400 Katyushas have slammed into Israel's northern towns and cities in the last 2 1/2 weeks. Residential buildings, homes, farms (numerous cattle have been blown up and splattered in their grazing feilds) and the Hizzbullah promises more. This time, with more powerful missiles , and to cities deeper into Israel.

And yet, as much destruction as we have recieved, our death toll is far below what it should be. The G- of Israel watches over His people.

**** This just in froma guest on my show collecting for those in the bomb shelters in Northern Israel:

Dear Tamar,

People who want to send money or food parcels for the people in the bombshelters in Kiryat Shemonah can send parcels and cheques to

Yeshivat Aloneh Habashan,
Moshav Aloneh Habashan
d.n. (Mobile Post) Ramat hagolan
Please mention on the envelope: Food for the Bombshelters.-----------
Or straight to the special account of the Yeshiva (mentioning: Food for the Bombshelters)
The account's IBAN is 0311353130 - Bank Beinle'umi (Code 031 - dpmnt Safet nr 1, account nr 353130
the SWIFT of the Bank is: FIRBILITXXX
Thank you Tamar,

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

War Diary 1

Wednesday: July 26, 2006

War Diary 1

We are watching the news now, all the time, and I mean, ALL the time. I was speaking to my sister in law who lives right near Haifa, and all of a sudden, I heard the air raid sirens go off in the back ground by her, and she had to hang up and run for shelter with her three children. She heard the 'booms' and has to run about 9 times a day to shelter from the Katyusha rockets coming her way. A man was killed just a mile away from her home outside in the street. So, as you can imagine, things here are very hectic and now Nasrallah says he will hit us with more rockets to cities deeper into Israel, south of Haifa. I have a room prepared for her and her husband and kids. Judea and Samaria used to be the place where some people wouldn't come to visit for fear of being shot on the roads by Arabs. Today, families from Israel are flocking here, and we have already absorbed numerous familes from the North. The country is uniting, as we usually do in war time. Bombs can fly, but it is still good to be in Israel. I am so glad I am here with my people, and wouldn't be anywhere else.
July 25, 2006
29 Tammuz 5766

Tuesday's Show: Is This War, The Last War?

Melitzer Rebbe: The Geula (Redemption) has started

( Much of the text below taken from http://www.lazerbrody.typepad.com/ )

Judaism lists a number or preconditions that indicate the imminent end of the Diaspora (Exile) and the coming of Moshiach ( the Messiah). Until recently, all but two of these conditions have been fulfilled. The next to-the-last condition, namely, that residents of the borders shall roam from place to place, was fulfilled last year with the 'disengagement' and the destruction of Gush Katif, as well as now, the thousands of displaced families from the north fleeing to central Israel. The Galilee is under attack. Kiriat Shemona, Tzfat, and Nahariya are in shambles, and our beautiful Galilee continues to burn, as raging fires from Katyusha rockets destroy thousands of acres of fields and forests. What does this all mean? Are we now approaching the end of this phase of mankind as we know it? What do the Prophets say and how do we play a part in all of this? Rabbi Lazer Brody, a former anti-terror commando who fought in Lebanon, joins Tamar and explains this point in history, and what is happening regarding this physical and spiritual war we are fighting. See his Blog: Lazer Beams www.lazerbrody.net

Click HERE to hear this show now.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


July 24, 2006

28 Tammuz 5766

Monday's Show: Messy M.E.F.T.A

I am posting for you all to see with your own eyes the reasons that Israel's leaders, left or right wing, have followed the path of concessions and appeasement against all sane thinking. Some people think our leaders are weak, some think they are naive or even stupid. I disagree. Our leaders are highly educated people but I fear they lack high morals, and a fear of G-d. Wanting so much to be accepted in the world, they bend over backwards to the detriment of their own people and Jewish values. I believe our leaders have caved in and have been convinced that we cannot exist without the help of the international community (unlike the moslem world which refuses to sell out to 'comfort and acceptance, since it seems they have no value or desire for either.

These links below coupled with listening to my past few Monday and Tuesday shows should bring you to the knowledge of what is going on behind the scenes in dirty politics and money. And the beautiful thing is, you don't have to believe me, you can read about yourself.

These links below will take you to thesources, the horses mouth. You don't have to go on faith or trust, it is in black and white. You will see the workings of those behind the scenes who are working to influence the regions of the world in order to prosper and make money and increase their influence and power. After all, who are our government leaders in Israel, the USA, and all the free world? They are simply men and women like you and I who get campaign contributions to get elected to office. Along the way campaign contributors call in favors, twist arms, etc to get their 'investment' out of them. Anyone can be bribed, or pressured, or even blackmailed to get an agenda done.

Read up now on MEFTA (Middle East Free Trade Area/Agreement) and see what Israel is being pressured to do in order to conform and get in line with the new Global World and those who are running it.

1) Middle East Free Trade Area (MEFTA) : Catherine Novelli, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Europe and the Mediterranean explains how countries not in the WTO (World trade Organization) are manipulated and pressured by "intense dialogues " into these trade agreements. You will see how countries around the region (i.e. Israel) are being missionized into this political-financial structure to get in line with the Global World. http://fpc.state.gov/fpc/45701.htm

2) Casinos, and loss of sovereignty for Israel... Establishment (of) Middle East Free Trade Area would provide hope for Palestinians - not Jews (my insert) The plan was all set in place for Gush Katif. Dirty deals of throwing people out of their homes, to enable a free trade area with casinos were planned, but the surprise election of the Hamas is slowing down the process. That's why America doesn't want to deal with the Hamas, not because they are terrorists, becasue Arafat and Mazen and the whole FATAH are also terrorists (but they were nicer suits), but the problem is, that the HAMAS terrorists are more religious, and they are not interested in the 'Material' world, prosperity, comfort, etc. They hate the West and are not playing ball with the West. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3118212,00.html

Read all about the people behind MEFTA made, and see why Israel's politicians did, and are doing, to try to make MEFTA a reality:
3) Listen to the show I did Tuesday morning with Jim Capo (pronounced Cay-po), National Coordinator on U.S. Trade Policy, of the John Birch Society. He explains how nations signing these trade agreements give up much of their sovereignty to a third party, namely, the WTO (World trade Organization) connected to the United Nations. The WTO/UN will be a new boss of the region after these trade agreements are signed. Frightened? You should be.

CLick HERE to listen to Monday's show "Messy MEFTA".