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Sunday, December 31, 2006


A company in Israel has developed a new textile, that fights the growth of bacteria and fungi on feet. An article from the AP speaks about this amazing invention. This Israeli company, uses special fibers that are "impregnated" with copper oxide, which is an agent that kills bacteria and odor on contact.
The socks, help prevent and heal athlete's foot, and even helps diabetic ulcers.

Read more about it here: http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/061224/israel_copper_healing.html?.v=3 and order them here: http://www.cupronsales.com/servlet/Categories?category=Socks

The WHOLE VIDEO - The Hanging of Saddam Hussein

Warning: May be offensive to some viewers.
FULL VIDEO of the Hanging of the "Butcher of Bagadad".

I have posted the link here of the actual hanging of Hussein. It doesn't stop just before he falls through the trap door. It shows his broken neck and dead body afterwards.

Some people may be squeamish, and others may think that it is not proper to watch a person die. However, in certain cases, it is my opinion that it is therapeutic to see one's enemy get what they deserve. Let me give you two examples of what I am speaking about.

It says in the Torah, parashat Beshalach 14:30 "...And Israel saw the Egyptians dead on the sea shore. (31) Israel saw the great hand that HASHEM inflicted upon Egypt; and the people revered HASHEM, and they had faith in HASHEM and in Moses, His servant.
15:1 Then Moses and the Children of israel chose to sing this song to Hashem, and they said the following: I shall sing to Hashem for He is exalted above the arrogant, having hurled the horses with its rider into the sea. .....

Here, we see the Children of Israel, former slaves to Pharoah, finally see justice meted out on their oppressors. It was therapeutic for them to see the bodies of the Egyptian soldiers washed up on the sea shore. Justice was done, and they merited seeing this with their own eyes.

Another more recent example, is my father, a survivor of the Holocaust. The Nazis came into Poland where my grandfather (his father) owned a factory that made material (textiles) and handkerchiefs. The Nazis threw my grandfather, grandmother, my father and his brother, out of their home. With only what they could carry, they forced them into a ghetto and caged them there, where starvation and death awaited them. To make a long story short, my father saw the Nazis come for his father, to take him away for 'questioning', where they beat him to death. Working as a slave laborer in the ghetto, he and his mother and brother were slowly starving to death. They witnessed beatings, hangings, torture, and genocide. Towards the end of the war, he himself was forced to board a train to Auschwitz, but escaped the trip by hiding under a pile of coal. I am sharing this with you because years later, when speaking with my father about this period of his life (he would not talk about the holocaust for years and years, it was too painful for him), he said that if he could have had seen the Nazis DEAD, he would have felt some closure for the suffering he went through. (not see them being killed per se, but seeing the bodies after the fact) Just to see, view, the dead bodies of these monsters who murdered his father, and most of his extended family, the monster-people who stole his childhood, his community, his world.

My father, and the many holocaust survivors, wanted to see JUSTICE. And the fact that many of these, no, most of these monsters escaped justice and were living a comfortable life in Argentina, or under another name in Germany, left a gaping wound in these survivors. They never got the 'closure' of seeing their enemies, these monsters, get what they deserved. And so, with this, I offer anyone who would want to see the complete video of the hanging of this monster, Saddam Hussein, the chance to see justice done. Saddam Hussein who tried to make a genocide against his own citizens, the Kurds. This man, 'SoDamn Insane' (Saddam Huseein)who sent dozens of missiles that slammed into Israeli cities in the first Gulf War, even though Israel had no dealings or contact with Iraq, and therefore no motive for Saddam Hussein to want to destroy Israel and the Jewish People here, except for his vile and evil hatred. This man, Saddam Hussein who paid at least $25,000 dollars to Arab families who had children that would volunteer to become suicide bombers, and murder as many Jews as possible here in Israel. I say, "Good riddance!. It's about time we saw some justice for the innocent victims of this evil, evil man". Watch video: (warning: may be offensive to some viewers).

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

An Overview of Our World

Direct Link from GOOGLE:

"...the entire spectrum of governmental systems are in place around the world today. ...This video sorts out the good, the bad, and the downright ugly! With straight logic and irrefutable facts, it will present a clear, but startling picture of today's political and economic affairs. Fortunatly, a solution does exist that every American should know about!"

Note from Tamar: This gets better the second half of the video. There are some pauses in the movie with text to read. The movie hasn't stopped or buffered, it is just giving you time to read. This video shows the make up and levels of world government coming into being, in simple and easy to understand terms and clips. It is a great follow up to the previous posted video below this post. Infact, even better.
To view a larger picture on your screen, go directly to:


What did you think about this video? Leave your comment below.

Friday, December 22, 2006

One World Government - A look into the Future

An older, yet interesting piece from JBS on the United Nations and how it is affecting us all over the world.

Link for viewing on a larger screen:

This video explains in easy to understand terms what COULD happen if the U.N. absorbs more power from singular nation states. Some if it is a bit amusing because of it's age, and a little bit of propaganda, but in essence, this is a good basis to get an understanding.
Let me know your thoughts on this after viewing. Would you like me to do a show on this and invite someone from this film to speak on my program? Add your comment below.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


GREAT FUNNY Video to watch. So true, so true! pass it on to others. Tamar

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Riddle Of Life --Watch this VIDEO

This is a video that i watched that I liked a lot. It is in Hebrew, but, it does have English subtitles. It is a bit long, and maybe because I know Hebrew it was worth it, but there were some very interesting lessons and facts in this video. I recommend it!
See the post below with the photo of the Israeli Driver, and click on that picture. For those who need English translation, you can watch the video on a bigger screen by going directly to Google Video .

יהדות Hidabroot חידת החיים יהדות

חיינו רווים בתחושת מרדף אין סופי. יהדות
איכות החיים חשובה לא פחות מכמות החיים. הרב זמיר כהן בהדרכה לחשיבה חיובית,נכונה ובונה הסוללת את הדרך אל האושר והשמחה בחיים.
הידברות הרב זמיר כהן יהדות

Monday, December 04, 2006

The United Nations - How They Are Stealing Our Sovereignty

Dec. 5th Show:
A two hour radio program special with guest: Joan Veon.

Click HERE:
to access the images and diagrams you will need to follow along with Joan as she explains the make up and goals of the United Nations.


Joan Veon, is an Independent Journalist, Author, Business-woman, Financial Advisor and Founder of "The Women's International Media Group, Inc.". She has made it her business to travel the globe, attending over 90 U.N. conferences on economic, environmental, military, peace-keeping, trade and financial strategy. Attending these meetings and interviewing the world's representatives, she has found out some shocking news that the average person does not know. Joan joins Tamar for a TWO HOUR SPECIAL * and explains exactly how the United Nations (and it's organizing agencies and bodies: IMF, World Bank, World trade, UNESCO, etc.) are going about controlling more than we want it to, how they are eating away at sovereign countries, and gaining power to be the center of a new one-world government. This show will dispense with conspiracy theories and show you facts and strategies on just how, and why, this is being done.
* Click HERE to view the special power-point presentationyou will need to follow this show and understand the material shown on this program.