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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Dear Mr. Bush, Please Take Your Head Out of Your Tush!"

...or "The People Who Say They Drink Blood"
(Let's face it, I wanted to title this piece, "Mr. Bush, Do These People Really Deserve A State?", but how many of you would have stopped to read that? So I went for the shock factor and now, here you are... )

Dear Mr. Bush,
You often talk about your 'vision for a New Middle East' . You came out with a speech on June 24, 2002 with yet another peace plan, the infamous Road Map - two states living side by side, in peace. You seem to believe that all cultures are morally equal and share the same values, but you are mistaken, and so your peace plan, the Road Map, --and all other efforts you propose to press on this region will go down in history as just another futile peace plan, after:

Camp David Accords (1978), The Reagan Peace Plan (September 1, 1982), Madrid Conference of 1991, Oslo Accords (1993), Wye River Memorandum (October 23, 1998) , The Clinton Peace Plan (December 23, 2000) Mitchell Commission ( October 17, 2000 ), The Tenet Plan (June 10, 2001), Camp David 2000 Summit (2000), Taba summit (January, 2001), The Zinni Plan (March 26, 2002) , Elon Peace Plan (2002), Arab Peace Initiative (March 28, 2002), The 2002 Nusseibeh-Ayalon Principles, The People's Voice (July 27, 2002), March 2002 Saudi Peace Initiative, Geneva Accord (October 20, 2003), Sharm el-Sheikh Summit of 2005 (February 8, 2005), 2006 Franco-Italian-Spanish Middle East Peace Plan, Binational solution , Two-state solution, Saudi peace proposal, Syrian government requests for peace talks (on-going to present),
The Road map

Whew! One gets tired reading through that list.

Your peace plan, the Road Map is just another in a long line of futile and foolish notions of how to make peace with Arab and Islamic Terrorists. Your plans of forming a Palestinian (terror) State in the belly of Israel will bring a bloodbath, not peace. I think you know this as well, but are willing to push this forward anyway, because quite frankly, your 'trade blocks' and MEFTA (Middle East Free Trade Area) treaties, oil deals and the strengthening of a global government are more important to you than Jewish lives. (But that is fodder for a whole other article.)
Israel is the sacrificial lamb to appease the Arab countries whom you want to tie into your MEFTA trade block. Give the PLO a State, and maybe the Saudis will play ball, bring in some other Arab States and wallah, you will have your MEFTA trade block. Few people know, but a major part of the Gaza Disengagement plan was to further the goals of a 'free trade zone' here in Israel, under the guise of 'peace'. It also was pursued by some of our politicians and their advisors, as a great investment in gambling, casinos, and tourist traps, all in the guise of 'peace'. See this article on the Gaza peace plan. We shall leave this topic now, as I digress, and this trade-block subject can fill a whole book.

So now again, we have more peace plans, and Bush is espousing how his 'vision' will create a New Middle East. President Bush is now putting time tables or 'benchmarks' on Israel to implement 'on the ground actions', including making Israel agree to allow PA bus and truck convoys to shuttle between Gaza and (PA-controlled areas of) Judea and Samaria. Israel is expected to remove security roadblock checks in Judea and Samaria, and Israel will be forced to provide arms, ammunition and equipment to PA security forces in an 'immediate and ongoing' manner, whenever U.S. Maj.-Gen. Dayton 'requests' it. U.S. demands on the P.A. is only for them to increase deployment of security forces and begin curbing rocket fire by militants, according to media reports.

President Bush, would you agree to terms like this for your own country with an enemy that commits terror? Would you make a state for Osama Bin Laden in America if he opened up more terror attacks against you? Would you believe him if he signed a peace treaty with the USA promising not to attack, while urging his followers in Arabic to keep up their Jihad?

P.A. Bomber
From Palestinian Media Watch at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umlWYGLixPc
Click HERE to view the video.

The Palestinian Authority is run by two other terror organizations, the Hamas and the Fatah. You, Mr. Bush, are helping to fund this entity which is lawless, corrupt, and produces Mickey-Moslem-Mouse characters teaching their children to hate infidels and take over the world. The Arabs in the Palestinian Authority are the same people who danced in the streets and gave out candy when the Twin Towers were attacked and three thousand men, women and children were killed. These are the people who voted, in a free democratic election, to make the Hamas terror group the head of their new government! These are the people who cannot even keep cease-fire agreements between their own terror groups, with the Hamas and the Fatah murdering each other in the streets. These are the people who produces homicide bombers. This is a people where mothers of homicide bombers proclaim their thanks to Allah that their sons became martyrs and strapped a bomb to their chests. These are the people who take money from U.S. tax payers, the EU, and then can't find where the funds went. This is a corrupt and lawless society, and this is the people that you want to make a state for?

President Bush, do these people in the so-called Palestinian Authority REALLY deserve a state of their own? Have they shown any responsibility in running a workable society? Have they shown any responsibility in providing proper services for their own public? Have they cooperated with the world in being a law abiding society? Are they spending money on real education to get them out of the squaller they impose on their people? Have they provided public works, infrastructure and jobs? Or are they sucking on the tit of the Israeli people? And last, have they shown or taken ANY responsibility to prove to the world that if just given the chance, they would be able to support themselves, and be a productive, respected, and independent entity? The answer is a flat 'NO!' All they do is make excuses and blame Israel for their corruption and cultural misery. All they do is produce terror and indoctrinate their children to hate the West and Israel even more.

...And you want to reward this hateful, maniacal and corrupt Palestinian Authority with a state where they can arm themselves with more sophisticated weapons, and be a larger threat and base for terror?

Dear Mr. Bush, Please take your head out of your tush!

Click HERE to view the video.


  • At Tuesday, May 15, 2007 7:28:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tamar, I think Georgey Pal would give Osoma Bin Laden a state in the states if it would further his "cause"...why not? But here is what I dont get...Does Bush and his European Pals think they can buy-off their "infidel-status" with $$$?? Hard line followers of the peaceful Islam do not play that way, actually its ironic, isnt it? Well, I dont blame Israel really, for a while there we all wanted to believe America was being a friend..American govt. is not wanting to support its own citizens intrests anymore either...Globalism, as you know means NO sovreignty for the citizens.

  • At Sunday, May 27, 2007 12:35:00 PM, Anonymous Rob in Portland, Oregon said…

    Mr. Bush and the likes don't want sovreignty for the majority of citizenry with us in the US. So should we not see it that his application tacticals isn't reaching Israel abroad? With his money & power drunk mind he swaggers around the real issue with nauseating political rhetorical obfuscating maneuverings. Mr. Bush has absolutely NO fear of G_d, lest he take seriously the sworn oath of G_d to the jewish people and about their land and what the word says about Will happen to people like him who play games to divide the land & people. He has no fear or understanding whatsoever! "eyes wide shut". By the way, there's a train coming! Don't get too caught up in distracted by these king pins because they want you to look to the left when it's coming down the tracks from the right. PS. The palestines has a state. State of confusion..


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