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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Lag B'Omer and Living with Terror

I went to a Lag B'Omer bonfire tonight. I will post mostly photos as they will give you a better feel than words. (Sorry about the quality, it was taken with my cell phone.)

The place we went to was Sulam Yaakov, of which I posted a piece below called: "Destroying Jewish Farms, Not Terror".
The bonfire was hosted by the Rachmani Family. They live on this farm all by themsleves. It is about a 10 -15 minute walk up hill to reach the center of the neighboring yishuv, Kochav Yaakov, therefore they need to be very dilligent in their security to protect themselves from Arab terrorists.
Going to this bonfire (as there were dozens to choose from in the area where I live) was a show of support and love for this family and a recognition that we know of the dangers they face being removed from
the more populated area.

Entering into their house
from the front door, you see a large living area with the kitchen off to the left. Only when you go inside, do you see that the house they built is a basic hollow square box. Their bedrooms are adjoining caravans (or tiny trailer homes) that they use as bedrooms. They cut doorways in the house as entry ways to the caravan- sleeping quarters.

Inside the house is Mrs. Rachmani. She showed me and some other guests who were at the bonfire where terrorists tried to break into their home a few months ago. In this photo, she is standing in the living area of her home.

She took us into a small laundry room where there is a washing machine and a back door she can exit throughto hang out the clothes to dry. It was here that the terrorists tried to break in to her home around 1:30 in the morning. (See the broken glass on the bottom of the door in the photo).
The Arab terrorists also tried to get in by wedging the metal door/shutters in the main area of the house, but that didn't work either. Her husband woke up from the noise of the break in attempt and with his gun, scared the terrorists away. The terrorists were armed as well, and Mrs. Rachmani tells me that one of them have been caught and are now in the hands of Israeli security forces.
Thank G-d they are alright, and are here to celebrate Lag B'omer with all of us.
All was very nice at the bonfire. People were milling around, talking and ina good mood. Food and drinks were put out, and chicken was grilled. One of Rachmani's children marched around handing out sticks with marshmellows on them for the other children to roast and eat.
I also went breifly to the army base in the area, as we went to bring some 'simcha' (happiness) to the soldiers, but we were kind of early, even though we were a actually half an hour late for the time they had originally called for it. But this is the middle east, and the middle east doesn't run on the same clock as the West does. Things are much more relaxed here when it comes to work and schedules.

I love Israel, and I wish all of you a very happy Lag B'Omer holiday!!!
mmmmmmmm, yummy!


  • At Monday, May 07, 2007 2:38:00 PM, Anonymous Melinda Lehan said…

    Thank you thank you Tamar for making it more personable as to whom to pray for Eternal Ones protection over Israel, we don't know how much others suffer until we share it. May G-d be with them and protect them. Keep their family safe help them to rest peacefully at night W/ worry or fear.

  • At Tuesday, May 08, 2007 1:03:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It's terrible that the Jews have to live in fear, and the arabs don't worry about terror break-ins. Gald to see these Jews were at least enjoying themselves on the holiday!


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