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Friday, May 11, 2007

A Sabbath of Gold / Pushing the Wrong Buttons

This is a nice two minute video to watch, especially with the Sabbath coming in, and Jerusalem Day coming up. The video is located at the AISH site. To watch the video, click HERE.

Oh, and by the way, Israel's song entry for the Eurovision got nixed.

The name of the song was, " Push the Button" and was written and performed by the Israeli band, Teapacks. The lyrics of the song had connotations of the Iranian terror threat on Israel. I wrote about this song in an earlier entry on this blog.

Actually, Israel's IBA news tells us that a technical problem happened while the band was performing their song for the Semi-finals of the Eurovision contest. According to Israel Radio, Technical difficulties occurred during Teapacks' performance. The broadcast got cut out for five seconds and was replaced by a silent red screen.

From the beginning, the Eurovision heads frowned on Israel's message in their song. Arutz 7 reported on previous trouble with this year's entry from Israel. "The lead singer of the group, Kobi Oz held a press conference following the band’s second rehearsal in Helsinki, where he accused Eurovision organizers of making their performance look like “a video game from the 80s.” The group offered as an example of the interference, an animated background that producers had replaced the band’s footage of tanks and explosions with. The new background features an image of the globe becoming blue and white, the colors of Israel’s flag – something Teapacks members speculate is meant to insinuate Jewish influence."

...And suddenly, 5 seconds of the song goes bad. hmmmm

Because part of the song was missing from this tech failure, the Israel Broadcast Authority's delegation to the contest requested that we either be allowed to perform the song again or be given additional points to make up for the lapse. The European Broadcasting Union denied our request.

How convenient! From the beginning, the Eurovision committee did not want this song to be performed in front of the hundreds of millions of viewers who watch the yearly contest from all over Europe and parts of the Middle East. "It's absolutely clear that this kind of message is not appropriate for the competition," said Kjell Ekholm, one of the organizers of the contest. - He was referring to the 'questionable lyrics' of the song 'Push the Button". They didn't like Israel singing a song about how the world wants to destroy them.

And so, Israel is erased from the competition. I wonder if this same technical glitch happened to England or Germany, what the Eurovision judges would do? I doubt they would 'Push the button' on them!


  • At Friday, May 11, 2007 10:15:00 AM, Blogger Bennie said…

    Teapacks is not the type of music I would lsten to. However, after hearing the song several times the image of Charlie Chaplin's Great Dictator mocking evil comes to mind. Teapacks is mocking those crazy rulers who seek to destroy when all rational folks want to do is live. This simple message is unacceptable to Eurovision? Is Eurovision afraid of offending evil? Nebach

  • At Friday, May 11, 2007 12:54:00 PM, Anonymous Edward said…

    I just wanted to quickly comment on the Tepacks issue--- WHAT A BUNCH OF CHUTZPAH, $#@!+ the Eurovision is.... What are they afraid of? I just can't help that Europe is still the Europe of old and they just dont want to be reminded of all the EU $$$$$$$$ that gets sent to the 'palestinians'- A very real enemy of Israel... They are afraid of facing the truth of their active support, by proxy, of the 'palestinan' terrorists... I really don't know what to say (i'm PISSED OFF) but this: SHTICK IT TO THEM Teapacks, Israel- You keep on living and fighting , regardless of what the 'palestinans', 'europeans'- the whole stinking 'WORLD' thinks about you- Just know that HaShem , G-d is on your side and He is the only one to fear ;)

    Shabbat Shalom and G-d bless you Teapacks, Tamar Yonah, and Israel :)

    Edward (Eddi) from the Virtual Studio - San Fernanado Valley , California

  • At Sunday, May 13, 2007 2:05:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Bennie, Eurovision voted IN an evil song last year, that is why it is in Helsinki this year. Their band was a heavy metal that looked like monsters. They sang about dark angels and hell. Did you see the first part of the Eurovision last night? Same thing...

  • At Sunday, May 13, 2007 3:20:00 AM, Anonymous Steve said…

    Shalom Tamar,

    I took it upon myself to vote for you in the preliminaries and for both blogs in the finals. Looks like you will win, if you haven't already. You must know, though, that we all voted for you not just for the information provided, but also the way it was provided, in a friendly, caring manner that shows you have some sense. When you have sense, people tend to listen, and like I have said in the virtual studio before, true knowledge comes from a loving heart, whick I am sure your family appreciates more than most. When you felt something might not be totally of the Torah, you let us know. I believe you said that about the astrology program the other day, which I enjoyed too. God made the constellations for a reason, and I almost believe an immense labor in the heavens can affect or show the occurence of something great on earth, being a Christian, for me that would be the star of Bethlehem. It was fascinating to hear the rabbi's depth of knowledge into the subject. As I listen to Israel National Radio, I am pleasantly surprised by the deep compassion of Judaism, and I learn from Jewish teachings along with my Christian studies. It helps give me insight into the way of living a gentle, compassionate life. I have prayed part of the way through the 613 commandments of the Jews, and I pray to G-d to obey them along with the hundreds of other commandments of the Old and New Testaments. I would like to obey every Word of the Bible in very hard labor infinitely, continually, eternally, and May G-d let all Jews and Christians obey as brothers and sisters G-d the way He intends thusly. The only good I can do is G-d's will so I pray, study and work to do it, but not near enough. I hope that if those terrorists tempt G-d by attacking you and your country, that G-d sends armies, U.S. included, or God's army itself, to repel the attack and give you victory. We all must rely on G-d, as you know, and may G-d increase your intelligent faith, much like the old kings and prophets and judges of old.


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