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Monday, November 27, 2006

Is It All Going To The U.N. ?

I've been getting lots of letters about the Sunday Weekend Edition Show I did Nov. 26 th. We spoke about the slow encroaching power of the United Nations and how it is obtaining a type of ownership of historical or natural importance to different nations states. They take this type of ownership via UNESCO and the World Heritage organization/committee. Some of the sites that are now under UNESCO and World Heritage (United Nations) are:
Yellowstone National Park (1978)
Grand Canyon National Park (1979)
Independence Hall (1979)
Statue of Liberty (1984)

I thought the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to America, not the U.N. Does this bother you that the UN should take sovereignty over these places? There are over 800 properties around the globe that are now under World Heritage (United Nations). It bothers me.

A listener of mine named Marcia sent me this information below.
Read it and know.

"Today I was listening to Tamar Yonah and on her show there was a brief mention of the fact that Yellowstone Ntl Park & others were overseen by the UN. I vaguely remembered that discussion years back so decided to update myself on it. What I found was shocking. I am forwarding to you a brief summary of a few general topics from the official website, but just know that we are talking about massive massive amounts of land and "historical" sites coming under the jurisdiction of the UN.

Of particular concern of course is the land in Israel that is listed. When you bring up the website, click on The Lists & all the countries and the property will appear. It is extensive to say the least. In Israel are cities and places like Masada, HarMegiddo, Beersheva, etc. but most importantly (significantly listed separate from Israel) is Jerusalem's Old City. You will note that it lists this site as an endangered site, giving the UN more international access.
All of these countries have given permission for the site to be internationalized. That means the United States ok'ed it for all its national parks, (do you remember voting for it??) & Israel gave permission (although it LOOKS like the Old City is still ' pending')
Also of interest is that fact that the whole of Vatican City is under UN control. (or vice versa) Reading through the material it is made to look like the countries where the sites actually lie still "own" the property, but if you read further, the oversite of the international communities can "decide" how to manage that site whenever they sense it is "in danger".

Quotes from the Official Website:
World Heritage sites belong to all the peoples of the world, irrespective of the territory on which they are located.

The World Heritage List
Who owns a site once it's inscribed on the World Heritage List? The site is the property of the country on whose territory it is located, but it is considered in the interest of the international community to protect the site for future generations. Its protection and preservation becomes a concern of the international World Heritage community as a whole. What is the Convention? The Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage is an international agreement that was adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO in 1972. It is based on the premise that certain places on Earth are of outstanding universal value and should therefore form part of the common heritage of mankind. The countries who ratify the Convention (States Parties) have become part of an international community, united in a common mission to identify and safeguard our world's most outstanding natural and cultural heritage. While fully respecting the national sovereignty, and without prejudice to property rights provided by national legislation, the States Parties recognize that the protection of the World Heritage is the duty of the international community as a whole. What are the legal implications of the Convention? The UNESCO World Heritage Convention is a treaty that has become, over the past 30 years, the foremost international legal tool in support of the conservation of the world's cultural and natural heritage. Today, 178 countries (called States Parties) have ratified the Convention, making it an almost universally accepted set of principles and framework of action. http://whc.unesco.org/en/about/ Be sure to click on The Lists when you get to this site."

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Dead Sea Turned Over to the United Nations??

See this interesting post, and notice the highlighted text where it speaks about the United Nation's UNESCO as well as 'free trade zones'. The very light text you can skim over, for the WHOLE article (which I omitted much of the text), see article. --Peres and the U.N. both give me the creeps. - tamar

"Peace Valley": Even on the environment Shimon Peres's ideas are a disaster.

"I cannot think of a worse idea," said Dan Zaslavsky, a former Israeli water commissioner and professor specializing in water and soil engineering at the University of Haifa. "This is unbelievable. Unbelievable, so idiotic it is. . . . There are several alternatives which are so obviously better."

..."The problem is there's no comprehensive management plan in place. Everyone is just taking as much [water] as they can without enough thought to the consequences," said Mira Edelstein, of Friends of the Earth Middle East, an environmental organization with members in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories that is lobbying to restore the flow of the Jordan River in an effort to revive the Dead Sea coastline, and wants the Dead Sea declared a UNESCO (united nations) World Heritage site. "Many historic and cultural and heritage sites are in the Jordan Valley and around the Dead Sea [and] we are going to see their downfall instead of conserving them."
"There is a plan to save the Dead Sea, but like everything else in the Mideast, it is a tricky negotiation among three governments, subject to much bureaucracy and long delays. Israeli vice-premier Shimon Peres is championing a "Peace Valley" project that includes a 200-kilometre canal to bring water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea to replenish it. Along the way, the project would include desalination plants to increase the supply of fresh water in this desert region, as well as tourist facilities, a free-trade zone and even a new joint airport at the southern tip where Israel and Jordan meet." for the whole article,

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Qassam rocket attack in Israel

This is a video of a kassam rocket attack aimed to target and kill Israeli civilians, by arabs in the Palestinian Authority. The woman is saying in Hebrew:
"Ahhhh run away!"
"Where should I run?"
"I don't know"
I heard it hit" Where is it? Here's the smoke, quiet, quiet, my car's alarm is going off." "Here's people, oh G-d it was so close! Here, people are running!" (end)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

America: Fascism to Freedom

Did you know there is no law in the American constitution to pay an 'income' tax?
Aaron Russo, award-winning film-maker who produced "The Rose" and "Trading Places", has made a disturbing new movie (see the trailer). He speaks with Tamar about the secrets of the U.S. government, the loss of personal freedoms, as well as where today's world is headed. A frightening interview about countries turning into police states, and about how people are losing their rights and are being duped, abused, thrown into jail, and bullied into submission by Global Elites.

A MUST watch film! View it now or purchase the CD .
Listen to my interview with him here on The Tamar Yonah Show.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bush Sr. New World Order Speech (rare)

George H. W. Bush announces the birth of a new world order.