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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Run, Jew. Run!

Run, Jew. Run!
They must be laughing at us. A few pipe bomb kassam rockets fired from abandoned Jewish settlements, and the Jews go running. Help us Olmert! Help us Arcady Gaydamak! Save us from the Arab onslaught. Get us out of here! Evacuate us!
And you know what? Even though they are wrong in their thinking that the solution is to be evacuated, they are also absolutely right. Israel should be fighting back. We are more powerful then the Palestinian Authority and their terrorists, and we can clean out Gaza if we stopped worrying more about their civilians’ safety, then our own civilians. So, when the Sderot residents' own leaders refuse to respond to this onslaught of rocket fire on their community, what else can they do? - Except run for it!

The Olmert government is a travesty. They have no right to hold on to power when their citizens are being bombarded by flying bombs and they make no move to eliminate this terror entity. It is akin to a community terrorized by the mafia and the police refusing to go and bust the criminals. Olmert is in trouble. The Winograd report has basically called him a failure and unfit to lead this country. Olmert has the lowest trust of any prime minister in the history of Israel. A recent poll taken showed him having only 3% of the people’s confidence. His defense minister, Amir Peretz, himself from Sderot, seems to show a disdain for his own town, by not acting to stop the carnage.

Of course, it’s not only our leaders who are accomplices to letting Jews be attacked and chased away from their homes. Our puppet government won’t move unless America gives it’s 'ok'. Bush & Co. will NOT let Israel respond in any meaningful manner to stop the terror. Bush has plans to establish a Palestinian State (Road Map & two states living 'side by side in peace') and if Israel re-takes Gaza, this ‘vision for a New Middle East will not materialize. Bush has plans for this region, and they have to do with trade blocks and a centralized global power, as his father, George Bush Sr. has talked about during his time as president.

Of course, our leaders do not HAVE to listen to Bush, but our leaders are weak. Lacking trust in the Almighty, they feel we need to bend to the world’s demands. And so, with the carrot and the stick in front of them, they will bow to the will of the world. ...And it is easy to do so. Our leaders are corrupt (just check all the police investigations going on against a number of Kadima party members).

Our leaders are not patriots anymore; they are only beholden to themselves. If they can promote themselves, stay in power, get more power, and make more money, then they will most likely sell out to foreign powers and their interests. They may convince themselves that we need the world on our side, and that we can't go it alone. They are maybe told, "If you want us to provide defense weapons and airplane parts for you, get with our plan. If you go along with us, it's true, you will be a smaller Israel, but we will help support you. And if you DON'T play ball with us, you will never see the outside of a jail cell again..." The carrot and the stick.
And so our leaders convince themselves that we are better off giving in, not fighting the world, and ‘better that we are a down-sized Israel, than no Israel at all'. But they are wrong. It's the rationalization of the weak. It is evil.

There is little, if any, integrity left in today’s world. There is no sense of shame, there is no sense of responsibility except to one’s self.
With the Winograd report, the unnecessary deaths from the last war in Lebanon, the north of the country in ruins, and now the south of the country under attack, with 150,000 people at a demonstration (representing millions of citizens) calling for Olmert’s resignation, Olmert still refuses to leave. For shame! But Olmert will not budge, because he knows that if he leaves office, he will most likely be on his way to jail. Too many sleazy deals and investigations are catching up with him.

Olmert may just do what Ariel Sharon did when he was prime minister. - Create and implement another ‘disengagement’ to focus the public attention away from his unscrupulous business dealings. Olmert is naming HIS plan, ‘Convergence’. Olmert has called for – not cleaning out the terrorist threat, but cleaning out the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria!

He is continuing to build a new de-facto border in Israel called ‘The Security Fence”, which essentially cuts off most of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria from the rest of Israel and we see how small this state is becoming. Olmert will also look to give the Golan to Syria, and divide Jerusalem.

Run, Jew. Run!

What interests me, is the psyche of the Israelis who are interviewed on the radio. Gabi Gazit, a long time IBA radio talk show host was interviewing a woman from Sderot, on his last broadcast, May 16th, 2007. He was asking her what would she say to the Prime Minister if she could speak to him. I expected her to act with normal thinking, and demand the Prime Minister go into Gaza and clean it up once and for all. Instead, she said, Olmert should ‘resign’. She added that if the government could not help them in Sderot against the kassams, then ‘Get us out of here! Evacuate us!’.

Run, Jew. Run!

I asked my husband why the Israelis like the one we just heard on the radio choose the ‘run away’ mode. Why don’t we demand that the government take over Gaza and make the ENEMIES of Israel flee instead? He replied that most Jews don’t think like this woman. It’s just that this is the type of person the Israeli media choose to put on our air waves. He's right.

I remembered the brave Jewish residents that lived in Gaza for years with kassam rocket attacks, -they never asked to leave. They never wanted to flee. They also demanded (like a rational thinking person) that the government go in and retaliate. The problem is, that the main stream media in Israel makes us LOOK weak. They choose to interview the people who say, “FLEE! Take us out of here.” They don’t want to show the brave and patriotic Jews who love the land and want to fight for it, because they know it is worth fighting for. They don’t show all the Jews who state proudly that this is our land, promised to us by G-d. I know there are many Jews in Sderot that want the government to crush the enemy, but you don't hear those people on the radio here. The media makes anyone who does get a chance to come on air and state these things, out to be war mongers, 'primitive' or crazy right wingers who incite to violence.

I believe that Olmert (and politicians like him) wants us to appear weak, so he can convince the country of the need to 'converge' … As he stated in a speech back in June 9, 2005, We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous, we are tired of winning, we are tired of defeating our enemies….”
Run, Jew. Run!
Make way for the Jew who loves the land above himself. We have plenty today. And we have a whole new generation of Orange Youth who will be ‘converging’ at the ballot boxes.

Your weakness will not pull us down. Your media will not shut us up. Your bowing down to Bush and the International Community will not make us bow.

Run, Jew. Run!
See Olmert.
See Olmert run.
See Olmert run fast.
Run, Jew. Run!

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  • At Sunday, May 20, 2007 2:02:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It always amazes me how the left castigates those of us on the right, for worrying "about what the baron will say".

    It was true when we were semi-vassals in Europe that we had to worry about the "baron" but we are now, ostensibly a free people in a free nation with a strong army.

    I see that it is the left now that worries about "the baron". What will the EU say, what will the US say, what will the UN say?
    Role reversal!

  • At Monday, May 21, 2007 7:45:00 PM, Anonymous Rob in Portland, Oregon said…

    Very first I appologize to all Isralies for my INSANE president Bush and his equally so relatives and supporting agencies. I absolutely do not agree with his suicidal ploys to crate a palastine "co-habitation" in your land, that which was identified and sworn to be given for you Jewsih people by the maker of it. They're headed for disaster guaranteed! Splitting up your land at all or the people directly or indirectly has a recompense price tag on it, else G-d would be a liar and he is not.. I will always stand in solidarity for and with Israel the land and people I visited and do so much love. My heart goes out to you people.

  • At Wednesday, May 23, 2007 2:00:00 AM, Blogger Elaine said…


    BRAVO !!! BRAVO !!!

    A wonderful post !! I loved the title, and the spin at the end !!!

    Yes, Olmert IS the one Jew who SHOULD "RUN" !! "RUN, JEW RUN", but, NOT for office !! He, and ALL traitors like himself, should RUN, not only from the SHAME of having BETRAYED his own people, but also, from G-D, whom he has also BETRAYED !!!

    Tamar, your post is RIGHT-ON, and POWERFUL !!! You speak from your heart and it shows !!! I pray it's NOT too late, but it very SOON, WILL BE, if we don't WAKE-UP, get our heads out of the sand, and GET MOVING !!!!!

    We need more, lots more posts like this one of your's,


    I only pray that it's not too late, ALREADY !!!


  • At Thursday, May 24, 2007 9:20:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Altho it is often said, there seems to be no impact on Israel policy makers. The enemy uses uncivilized methods and Israel feels that it has to behave in a civilized manner. That's an unfair and unproductive match. If Israel uses their barbaric methods one day each week until the enemy gets the message and then, if necessary, increasing numbers of such days each week it should shake sense and humility into their behaviors. Retaking Gaza may be desireable, but managing the Arabs there might place undue demands on the IDF.

  • At Thursday, May 24, 2007 2:31:00 PM, Anonymous Rob in Portland,Oregon said…

    May I quote... "Altho it is often said, there seems to be no impact on Israel policy makers. The enemy uses uncivilized methods and Israel feels that it has to behave in a civilized manner. That's an unfair and unproductive match. "
    Nature hates a vacuum!
    In the USA we have the same thing operating. As any people who make up a government gets control then express their ideas, it is fairy easy to deduce there is a devoidence of sober thinking that has been replaced by identifiable themes. Such as socialist subjective theologies, culturally relevant decision making, spineless spirited political correctness. My American government is a perfect example of it. Out went our bible based heritage and in comes catastrophic foolishness that has left us with morally ethically bankrupt leaders, blame all ourselves for not spending crucial time on our knees. Oh where O God is there a true leader in our land —Where? I can only ask for mercy.

  • At Wednesday, May 30, 2007 10:14:00 PM, Blogger Gavi said…

    Tamar, you've outdone yourself with this post. I just love the way on your show and on your blog you tell it like it is.

    I agree 100% with Elaine's comment above. Please keep up the good work!

  • At Monday, June 04, 2007 6:57:00 AM, Blogger Red Sea Pedestrian said…

    I think the idea of looking weak goes back to the psyche of a lot of Israeli leaders. Even after the 6 day war, Israel dithered and the people took it upon themselves to make decisions about resettling Judea Samaria and Gaza. The politicians can find it easy to disengage as they never really engaged.
    Strong leadership does mean turning the tables on those who harm us. Whether that is Hamas firing rockets which requires a rapid and severe response to stop it or with the EU or UN who claim to be for 'peace'. How about letting Israel join in the trade bloc of the EU? What are the EU offering to bring about peace. Nothing. Yet our leaders let them off the hook time and time again because they act like the playground bully

  • At Thursday, June 21, 2007 7:26:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Re: Run Jew Run. If you want to run some where I strongly suggest you run to sack cloth and ashes, humble yourselves before The Great I AM and He will secure your deliverence.


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