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Thursday, August 17, 2006

War Diary 5 -oops -It's a Cease-Fire

Well, I was interviewed on the BBC the other night. I was surprised they contacted me, as I didn't know they knew about my radio program. Perhaps a listener from Britain told them to interview me on the situation in Israel? In any case, knowing how they can be pretty slanted in their reporting on Israel, I got ready for the interview, trying to find some 'love in my heart' for those who don't have much of it for us. I wanted to go LIVE, but they wanted to be able to edit what I said and I knew that was pretty dangerous. After the interview, a few hours later the interview was aired and uploaded to their web site. I think it turned out alright. If I can find a way to post the interview here, I will. Check back in a few days.

The atmosphere here in Israel is a bit antsy now. People don't hold much hope for this cease-fire. We pretty much expect another war within the next year, with the Hizbullah attacking us once again. We see this cease-fire simply as the Hizzbullah re-grouping and re-arming. One of the interviews on the BBC right before mine was with one of the heads of the UNIFIL, General Alain Pellegrini. He was asked how the UNIFIL troops would stop the Hizzbullah from opening an attack on Israel from southern Lebanon where they are stationed. His reply was that they would call upon both sides and BEG them to stop. He said that the UNIFIL was not strong enough to intervene and stop the violence. Well, there goes any confidence with any foreign troops! -- not that anyone is surprised.

Now comes the fights in the government to point fingers at everyone else as to avoid the blame themselves. This is the fun time if you are a news watcher. We see all the 'talking heads' blah blah blah-ing away on who is responsible and why. We are seeing a few scandals coming out now, like Chaim Ramon, being accused of improper behavior with some female worker, and then there is the newest scandal of our Army's Chief of Staff, Dan Chalutz running to sell his stocks a few hours before we went to war. ---Maybe not illegal, but definitely not in good taste. i wonder if the BIG BOYS let this info out to steer away any finger pointing at the inept leadership of PM Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz???? Good entertainment, and sometimes I make pop corn and watch and laugh.


  • At Thursday, August 17, 2006 11:44:00 PM, Blogger Elaine said…

    CONGRATULATIONS !! It doesn't surprise me at all !! That's BIG-TIME !! It's GREAT to know that the BBC is finally willing to present the TRUTH about the Israeli/Arab conflicts, not just more Pro-Arab propaganda. Maybe they'll make a habit of it !! Let's hope so, anyway !! We've entered the End of Days and it's like the ultimate chess game. HaShem is moving His pieces into their strategic positions. Get ready, it's going get even, much, much, more interesting !! Save me some pop-corn !! O.K. ?


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