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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Eurovision Song Contest -- Then and Now

I won't comment about our song entry for this year's Eurovision song contest.
Israel's song choice is controversial and I have not yet made up my mind about it, though when I do, I will probably feel strongly about it...

Our entry this year: "Push the Button" by Teapacks
When I first heard it, I gawked, "Oh my Gawwwd!" I was pretty taken aback. But then reading about the choice in some featured articles, I started to ponder my first reaction. Maybe this is a good, "stick it to yuh, Europeans" from Israeli citizens who are constantly being threatened and attacked by our neighbors, while Europe feeds the beast and tells us that we are the guilty ones.

To hear/see the song, and read the lyrics on YouTube, click HERE . For more detailed video in Hebrew, see: http://eurovil.iba.org.il/

One thing I would like to comment on, is that anyone who takes offence to Israel's song choice, and says it is not proper for the Eurovision contest, need only look at last year's entry that WON the contest from Finland. They were dressed like Monster - Viking - Klingons in heavy metal garb and ghoulish barbaric faces giving one of the most violent and gruesome impressions ever. Their fingernails alone could slice a human in half.
But they not only participated, they took away the award!

So go figure, what is taste these days? Perhaps it is better to forfeit the contest's number one spot and just get the message through, that their contest that feigns to promote peace and love, ignores any real truth to the matter. If we just bring that message to the millions of viewers, perhaps we will come out the real winners?


  • At Monday, March 05, 2007 4:02:00 PM, Anonymous Mauro from Europe said…

    This is the price we have to pay for nourishing the sharia installation hope of the terrorists in our countries. This is the hipocresies we have to go through by denying Israel its right to exist and providing the arabs with shelters when claiming to be refugees while being well known terrorists in their countries of birth. Such is the shame I feel I can barely write without having to almost hate. They got us. And got us well. They have known how to invade our politicians hearts without any kind of love. I mean them, the terrorists. They sure knew how to conquer a weakened Europe totally stigmatized. But they didn´t learn. No sir they didn´t at all.Not Reagan not Gorvachov could knew that after all, that wall was put in there as a¨nobody´s land¨. I have known ungrateful people, but, never ever at such a level as most of europeans. I am an european myself. I truly thank the stop of the Nazi Germany and the Russia Communist. I appreciated(though being a kid) the Berlin wall falling and the allegedly back to a normal way of life. I am not a German. But we all wanted that wall down. The germans are known for their regret about what happened and the hideous image they obtained by their tremendous atrocities. Very well the world know what happened. But it seems to have vanished real fast.As soon as the jews got their land back, Europe seemed to forget what really had happened and what we had fought for. We fought for a war we didn´t see coming. We fought against an enemy whose words were as clear as water yet we chose to blind our eyes. We fought against an angry man that ¨pushed the button¨ and in a blitzkrieg he wrote a poem of hatred and human stupidity. We had not enough. For when he was dead(same way Amalekites do now, by killing themselves)the europeans wrote and filmed tons of art, support and regret for what had happened to this, the ancient jewish people. It didn´t last much, because soon they would understand that getting away from them would be the best, and helping them to get into a land of prosperity and potential conflict, they had to leave them fight by themselves. That was never a problem, that has never been a problem for the nation of Israel. The results in Europe, while blatantly positive in people minds, last as long as a red flame.It took a while till the Berlin wall fell, and with it, the memories of the victims of the Holocaust.Europeans like talking. We do like it a lot. We believe we are the elite.The ones who know everything.But we also like to like. We like to like everyone, wether they are good or bad, terrorists or not. And if, by the way we can just turn the victims that once were, into enemies of us all, that´d be great.And that´s what happened. Reagan broke the wall. Some years passed. Two, maybe three. Then the people missed the opression of the left. The opression of a communist regime. They enjoyed the good things of capitalism. But they started buying Che T-shirts, anti-american propaganda, and, their most wanted motif:the islamic one. Soon palestinians scarfs were wore, and support for the palestinian people was not little but exacerbated. Soon those europeans began protesting in the streets and complaining about the ¨atrocities¨ the children of Israel were commiting while defending themselves. What happened there? What went wrong? Clearly, a socialist elite had got infiltrated into the very epicentre of the politics, journalism and universities. Soon people learned to hate the jewish people again, though this time they could not deny the Holocaust. Soon professors started explaining how Israel was an state made out of glass and Elders, and Zion and terrorism. Soon students appaled for such an unfair action, that is to protect your people, started protesting against Israel. Before the wall fell,eleven athletes were killed and the Munich games kept on their way. Some bad boy, named Arafat, was printed on T-shirts, and Che and him, companions forever are probably playing cards now. Somebody gave him a Nobel Prize. Somebody regret though about giving it to the jewish person. But Arafat was the friend of Europe. The begining of a new Europe with little,tiny tiny tiny states, that some people may call ghettos, but full of angry men that hate women, and ¨kuffir¨ as well. And so the dhimmis kept on building that relationship. Some times, they got killed, in train bombings or in the underground. Sometimes it was massive killing. Others were selective targets. Some jew to make their life(the Amalakites forgot to add to their sacred pillars ¨to kill one jew and to go to Mecca at least once in your life¨).Others were simple dhimmis, that, tired of the opression, decided to show the truth and got killed. But TV just showed it once...real fast. Teo Van Goh died just like the eleven athletes. Ignored. Nobody cared. Nobody in Europe gave a crap to it. The politicians denied any link to the muslim intercities that they helped to establish while the post war era. Then the French got a bit upset and decided that, after all, those cars were theirs and the streets should not be in fire, and so they did. They stood up against the riots. But they used too much water to finish the fires than the plants grew and grew. And then now everyone is green. And they don´t like to see women without jihab,and not wearing it became a sign amply apreciated by the Amalek sons, whose sexual apettite never ceased. Braves and gently, gang raped a bunch of french dhimmis just to teach them some fashion to dress with. For the animals, the woman is an object and so is for the noble muslim people.And so we got to a point, were the politicians became monkeys, and the agressors their owners. And the peace and wisdom and multiculturalism that this post war elite tried to create resulted in a mere and ephimeral dream. So they woke up and found themselves in the world of the Jizyah. After all, they had to pay taxes anyways. So why not paying double? And so the owners got two countries, and two continents. When Israel tried to submit a song to enter a contest called Eurovision( or to put the matter in other way Euroblindness) those politicians, utterly influenced by the noble line of the arab people, and, afraid they would trigger the hand that would ¨push the botton¨ in their sold countries, considered it offensive and problematic. Thus started a new Era. And Al-Andalus was conquered and Vienna lost its siege. And September 11th 1683 could never be repeated by any means. And the world became one and submit all to the Amalakites. All but one, the children of Israel, that stood up there, till the end of times.

  • At Tuesday, March 06, 2007 12:02:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think the song is perfect.

  • At Tuesday, March 06, 2007 11:27:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    This is a generation that doesn't know the difference between lies and truth. This started in the '80s in the US; I don't know when it started in Europe but when people make a "Peace and Love" contest and award a prize to monsters, you know they're sitting on their brains. I say submit the song. Euro prizes are meaningless except as tools for confrontational statements.

  • At Tuesday, March 06, 2007 4:40:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I say go for it and be successful!

  • At Tuesday, March 06, 2007 4:45:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Like you Tamar, when I first heard a short clip, I thought NO! But then I listened to the full version and I shouted YES. Stick this shtick to the Europeans!

  • At Friday, March 09, 2007 1:30:00 AM, Anonymous David - Modesto, CA said…

    Unfortunately, the artistic genius of this song will be overlooked and the message missed. This song airs the questioning of Israel's true weakness by leaving just enough speculation for spontaneity on the part of the Jewish state's ability to flex its military might and with a justifiably emotional reason. (the desire to live). Its the nice guy's way of picking a fight. I would definitely collaborate with these guys.
    You have to recognize the shear brilliance of this song. They have officially ensnared the E.U. with this catch 22. Europe will look stupid either way they turn. If they approve it, then France will burn again. If they decline it, then the Teapacks have only proven that they live up to their word by "Pushing the buttons" of the europeans by being rejected. This gives Israel a radical edge in the area of tactical public relation. I think the EU's desire to be the reigning authoritative empire was just slapped in the face. This song declares national sovereignty while saying "I'm not a wimp to be pushed around so back off, but we still love you guys."

  • At Monday, March 12, 2007 10:28:00 PM, Anonymous Maotzz said…

    EXCELLENTLY realistic (realistically excellent)? I'm TIRED of pussyfooting around with blinders!!!!
    It's ABOUT TIME SOMEONE tells it like it is unabashedly, and shamelessly!!!
    Imagine if this masterpiece won!!! and the NEXT contest had to be held in Israel ... somewhere like ... SDEROT!!!
    Marci in Dayton


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